Crystal Chandelier and its Known World

Well when talking about the fabulous crystal chandeliers what come to mind is the elegance, royalty and prestige. Crystal chandeliers are special lights that have been in use for a long time. The word chandelier comes from the French word ‘chandelle’, which means candle. In the earlier period, these lights were made of animal fat and were attached to wooden spikes. They used to get support from the ceiling. So let me tell you a little history concerning these crystal chandeliers that we often see in homes. A lot has been known about stories regarding this lighting fixture. There was no electricity during that time, so the substitutes that were available were small sputtering tallow wall sconces, or the glow of a fireplace. Thus, chandeliers provided better lightning. They were generally used in medieval churches and abbeys in the 15th century. Well the things are being considered on this early times and the chandelier has played a bigger role.

It is known at a bigger picture that earlier, these chandeliers used to be designed for the use of the wealthy and powerful, as only they could afford them. However, it can be said that the journey of the chandelier started from homes in between the 16th and 17th centuries. And I think that giving the fact that chandeliers are considered as a symbol of status, wealth, and beauty, and have been widely used in movies to show the status of any wealthy family. It is believed that to build an impressive and complete home structure, these chandeliers are capable to develop a unique and elegant beauty. As most are aware this lighting fixture paints something of a picture that represents the personality of the owner.

Be aware that selecting a crystal chandelier can be a little bit difficult. It may create confusion for you to decide on the right chandelier for your entry hall or dining room. These chandeliers come in many different varieties and sizes. Mostly, people go for shiny brass multi-arms with faux candle socket and flame-shaped bulbs. Crystal chandelier however points out to another different dimension. I think that with the added crystal on the famous chandelier the glimmer of it goes into a different level, in which most people treats it as something of a factor of success and wealth status in the community. With its popularity to the masses crystal chandeliers have made a serious leap from lighting fixture/décor to a sign of having your home the class and elegance that many aspires.

Well to put it in a good manner, a proper choice of crystal chandelier can develop a style and enhance the beauty of your room. Always remember that while choosing a chandelier, you must keep in mind the place where it will be installed, and its size. Crystal chandelier will always remain as a number 1 choice for people and because it is so much popular to the masses, crystal chandelier will always bring the boost to your home that no other décor can. Always make sure you know what to choose because it can reflect your status as a person and a homeowner.

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Taking a Look at the Shine of Crystal Chandelier

The big picture here is that any home that is blessed with a crystal chandelier always stands out mainly because of its design and its impact to a home many have tried to evaluate what a crystal; chandelier can do to a room and some of them been lucky enough to know its value. Over the course of the centuries that have passed Crystal chandeliers have recollected on what many thinks a vital part of their home improvement and lighting fixture the good thing is that most people tend to be more of at home in terms of having this exquisite piece in their homes.

Judging on the position that people are forced to be in, the modern furniture front really gives some great knowledge to the fact that it is indeed in good condition. The difference of it from other normal lighting fixture is it defines elegance, somehow it gave you an idea of royalty in which makes you almost certainly have the pleasure of having this elegant décor to your home. Much to a point and sometimes a fact, the modern day home has a different style. More often than not a crystal chandelier can blend into a home.

The evolution of home designs has really gone a long way since the early hay days. Giving credit on the investment made on this wonderful piece of art. A décor shouldn’t have to be this good. But in some case, it has to be. Like or example, crystal chandeliers are really one of a kind and gives a boost to a home. That is a true statement in all honesty. Although the maintenance of it might be a bit high, it is still a great décor to own have in your home. So how does crystal chandeliers fares up into your home? Well, I think it’s for you to see.

Crystal chandeliers sure give you big boost on home improvement and I won’t be surprised. It has really been a good market to start investing. In a way it has really gave the market a backbone over the past few years, although now it has been experiencing the other side of the market’s wheel. Living up to the expectation is a bit hard pill to swallow but my analysis is that it’s still feasible and it can survive. Crystal chandelier is really a nice décor to have on a home, bar none.

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Crystal Chandeliers

Astonishing Crystal Chandeliers

Definitely, no one can deny the beauty and charm of crystal chandeliers.

Since the 17th century, these amazing pieces have been delighted us and until now.

Nowadays, there are heaps of different types of crystal chandeliers. One of the crystal chandeliers that stand out is the Strass crystal. Strass crystal is manufactured by Swarovski. It is actually recognized as the world’s finest crystal.

This crystal is first machine cut, next hand polished and soon be coated with an unseen optical layer, which will create an astonishing effect. Actually, these Swarovski crystals are the ones to be used every year in the design of the excellent Swarovski Crystal Palace Collections. These astonishing crystal chandelier designs was first introduced last 2002, and the latest presentation happened in April 2006.

Now, let us see some of the astonishing crystal chandelier designs that have been here for years.

In 2006, fashion designers Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke designed a chandelier the ‘Science and Fiction’. The chandelier’s shape was based on the Marie-Therese design, which was known with the 18th century Empress of Austria. Ornate candle arms is what the Marie-Therese chandelier was noted for, and now, the ‘Science and Fiction’ has paid respect with this old standard. The chandelier has 111 crystals and 32 lit black candles, which makes it an amazing one.

Ferrucio Laviani, a contemporary designer, has shown an astounding chandelier in 2005 which was called ‘Yoga’. Yoga has 100 crystals with different pastel shades and together with this was a beautiful gold frame. Yoga’s shape is like a children’s top. It is lit with halogens, which cast off a mild and calm glow of colors.

‘Mediterraneo’ is another beautiful chandelier which was introduced by Gaetano Pesce. The chandelier was made up with 140 crystals stands and each consists of 87 Swarovski crystals which are lit by LED. Actually, this is truly a excellent and magnificent crystal design. It even emits calming and relaxing smell and it also changes shape which is appealing to the viewers.

‘Vertigo’ is a chandelier which was designed by Chris Levine. This chandelier is like the old traditional chandelier that you can see in ballrooms. But the advantage of Vertigo is that it is lit with laser lights all through the rows of crystals. And it end up being a stunning chandelier.

‘Run of the mill’ chandeliers are now the thing of the past. Since designers nowadays are keep on experimenting and creating with the artistic beauty of crystals. They are now heaps of stunning and excellent designs of crystal chandeliers. It actually makes a lot of people discover the beauty and charm that can be seen in crystal chandeliers.

Certainly, lot of people believes that crystal chandeliers can make their homes more appealing and will add beauty to their furniture and fixtures. It certainly adds impact to the ambience of a room. And there are heaps of designs of crystal chandeliers; all you have to do is choose the best that will fit to the design of your home.

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Enjoying Crystal Chandeliers and its Glare

When tackling crystal chandeliers, it is always a nice to have something in your home that will define a glare and will be a great addition to a home. Basic concept is that crystal chandelier is the result of beautiful artistry done by accenting exotic and precious crystals in brass, bronze, silver-plated and gold-plated metal works, it has always been that way. The crystal chandelier always adds sparkle and elegant touch to living and drawing rooms. The crystal chandelier is quite a delicate ceiling fixture. Its diameter varies between 20 cms. And can be as big as 10 meters. It is beautifully carved and designed with innovation and experience. The use of high quality crystals to design the artwork simply makes the onlookers awe struck. It is always a thing of beauty.

There are a lot of examples for crystal which are use for a crystal chandelier. Many are also handcrafted in full lead crystals, which are cut and polished by implementing known technologies available for the purpose. The sparkle and rarefaction of these crystal chandeliers depend upon the cut and finish applied to crystals. The making of these beautiful lighting fixture is really different in many approach also it is really difficult and hard so a lot is at stake when considering crystal chandeliers.

Crystal chandeliers knowing its use and its bases, has an important part to one’s home that is why people pays significant attention to it. They are also designed in assortments of complex and intricate designs in order to render a traditional appeal to your surroundings. To add a tint of attraction and a shining appeal, crystal chandeliers are adorned in finishes of gold, antique brass, bronze, silver and many more. There are really limitless possibilities and actually the use comes as no surprise. There is no question why people love them so much.

To those who don’t know crystal chandeliers come in variety of potpourris, each custom designed to match your room settings. The chandeliers are a priceless match for making the rooms on which you enjoyed the most and halls that you covet, complete mesmerizing entities. The crystal chandelier requires regular maintenance and cleaning in order to sustain the appearance and glint of crystals life long. It is always a prerequisite that you have your piece in good condition to avoid damages.

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Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandeliers and the Measurements

In your home, you know very well that your dining room is a busy place. Whether you’re entertaining friends, enjoying a meal with your family, or working on a school project with the kids, you want to be sure the dining room is a well lit environment that reflects your style. That’s why your chandelier is a key lighting fixture. Luckily, getting it right is as easy as following a few guidelines for size, style, and brightness. Even better, you can find a chandelier you adore for less than you might think, no matter what style you fancy. Crystal chandeliers they say is fit anywhere as a décor and lighting fixture, which is true when you consider an elegant and stylish home.

Well, a lot of people are having trouble picking crystal chandelier simply because it factors a lot on your home. The idea is to think big. Your crystal chandelier is really a centerpiece for your dining room, so make a statement and go for size. On the other hand, there is such a thing as too big. A massive chandelier in a room that’s too small will look unbalanced and crowded. Be sure that everything on the room has a sense of balance, for crystal chandeliers size matters if you know how to blend it in your home.

I know that by now you might be scratching your head for questions about your crystal chandelier. A good rule of thumb is to choose a chandelier that’s 12 inches narrower than the width of your dining room table. When hung from the ceiling, the bottom of the chandelier should be 30 inches about the table. This distance ensures that you’ll have ample illumination as well as comfortable clearance so family and guests won’t bump their heads. The measurements always conduct space and calculate how the piece will fit into your home. Remember to measure thoroughly for future reference as well.

Remember to always find the right measurements for your home a great home’s measurements always brings out the best in homes, particularly the size. Knowing the size of the room can benefit you and your home. Not most owners know these points so you have the leverage on making the décor the best centerpiece for your home. People will always look at possibilities for your home when you have a crystal chandelier be sure that you are well-rounded and knows your way through it for you to enjoy your crystal chandelier.

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Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandelier and Its Ways to Make Your Home Glare

We all know that your tastes are already reflected in the furniture, paint, and accessories you’ve chosen for your home. Be sure to choose a crystal chandelier that matches the style of your home, and more specifically, your dining room. A formal dining room with a rich mahogany dining set might call for a traditional crystal chandelier, while a modern, spare home cries out for a simple pendant design with a metal finish. Crystal chandelier offers so much and a big addition to your room for sure. Let it be known that crystal chandelier not only is a simple décor but a great lighting fixture as well

We all know that your tastes are already reflected in the furniture, paint, and accessories you’ve chosen for your home. Be sure to choose a crystal chandelier that matches the style of your home, and more specifically, your dining room. A formal dining room with a rich mahogany dining set might call for a traditional crystal chandelier, while a modern, spare home cries out for a simple pendant design with a metal finish. Crystal chandelier offers so much and a big addition to your room for sure. Let it be known that crystal chandelier not only is a simple décor but a great lighting fixture as well.

There are other popular styles include mission chandeliers, which feature masculine, clean shapes and are often made in bronze or antiqued metal finishes with frosted amber glass or mica shades. This style is often featured in arts-and-crafts style homes. If by chance you have an ethnic-inspired home? A wrought iron chandelier is a handsome, bold fixture for your dining room. It also works well in Mexican or South American style rooms or Mediterranean-inspired motifs. Styles for sure dictates the mood of a room and the theme as well so be sure to consider crystal chandelier in your home’s motif.

For those of you with rustic decor, try a chandelier made of authentic or synthetic deer antlers. It’s a striking fixture for a log cabin, a country cottage, or even an eclectic, funky living space in the city. If you choose a chandelier with a metal finish, be sure it complements the other metals in the room. Don’t mix antiqued bronze with bright, shiny stainless steel, for example. Let it be known that there are important factors that you have to know in this exquisite lighting fixture.

Keep in mind that though the crystal chandelier is certainly an important design element in your dining room, it’s not meant to provide the sole lighting source. What works best is a number of light sources from fixtures such as wall sconces, recessed perimeter lighting, table lamps, and even candles. So it is important that you consider other lighting fixture to help the crystal chandelier to light the whole room. Although their purpose is known they may not be a stand-alone fixture. Crystal chandelier can always be the bear of good light in your home so get that advantage to your home.

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Crystal Chandeliers

Caressing Crystal Chandelier with Care

It is basic thing for people who love crystal often enjoy handling it. So you need to find valuable advice on how to enjoy the cleaning process of crystal chandelier. It’s a chance to get intimate with a beautiful investment into a designer lighting fixture. When you became a proud owner of a crystal chandelier, how relaxing it is to look at sparkling stars reflecting on your walls, ceiling, and furniture. However within the time your lighting fixtures can lose their former glitter because of the layers of dust on the crystals. It means it’s time to clean them. The cleaning is one of the most important things for your crystal chandelier once you already own one.

You have to know that crystal needs cleaning when it appears dusty or dull. Just look at your chandelier frequently and you’ll know when to do the cleaning. Every time you dust your house, take the dust from your chandelier using antistatic dust brush. While dusting keep in mind that crystal pendants shouldn’t beat each other; it may create invisible cracks and eventually spoil the clear structure of the crystal. If you have a modern crystal chandelier you can clean it without detaching the pendants from the frame. Because while handling pendants, use white cotton gloves. Prepare a solution of one part isopropyl alcohol and three parts distilled water. Put it in a spray bottle. Put on your cotton gloves. Spray one glove with the solution. The other glove should be kept dry. Caress the crystal with the damp glove and wipe it immediately with the dry one. The care for the crystal is really important.

It is important to keep in mind, do not use packaged cleaning fluids, even if they claim to be for crystal. They may contain ammonia or other chemicals that will eventually degrade the frame finish. Specialized lighting fixture can offer you to buy cleaning solutions produced by chandelier manufactures specifically for lighting fixtures cleaning. You can use them following the instructions on the package. If you have a classic crystal chandelier, it’s better to detach the crystal from your chandelier for cleaning. Hand-wash the crystal in lukewarm water, using mild dish soap, rinse it in clean water and dry with a soft clean cloth. Remember the care for your crystal chandelier is important as its beautiful design so try to keep it that way.

Another step to consider is drawing the trim diagram or a sketch of the crystal pendants patterns of your chandelier before removing crystal. This will help you to reassemble it without difficulties. Wear white gloves when re-hanging the crystal on the chandelier. Do not put crystal pendants back to the chandelier while they are still wet. It may cause the corrosion of the metal parts of the frame. Never twirl or rotate your chandelier. When cleaning, walk or move your ladder around your lighting fixture. Clean in sections. Rotating the chandelier could cause it or its parts to fall. So a finish product and a beautiful clean chandelier, caring is the best way to keep your crystal chandelier the stunning piece it is.

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Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandeliers – Getting The Effect You Want And So Much More

If you’re looking for a home decor that would add flair and sophistication to any part of your house, then crystal chandeliers may just give you what you yearn for. A crystal chandelier truly holds the power to transform any space and make it convey the guise of elegance and stylishness.

A traditional design may put in a vintage charm to a dining area, while a contemporary one may supply a fashionable appeal to a living room. Yet in spite of the aesthetic allure of such decors, you have to keep in mind that they’re more than just pieces of nice-looking fixtures. Crystal chandeliers definitely offer more than mere beauty. They also provide a wonderful source of lighting. For that reason, when planning to purchase a crystal chandelier for your home, you certainly need to consider the kind of illumination effect you want to achieve.

Lighting Effects

1) Accent Lighting

Contemporary crystal chandeliers with down lights and spotlights are the most excellent designs that can help you pull off an accent lighting effect since they are capable of illuminating specific objects or sections of a room. Down lights have the capacity to accentuate tabletops or other surfaces, while spotlights are utilized to draw out the beauty of exceptional artworks.

2) Ambient Lighting

If you were aiming for ambient illumination, it would be best to choose from a wide range of large chandeliers that feature numerous bulbs and open lights. This variety will surely light up an entire section of the house, provided that you choose one that bears a size that’s proportional to the room’s dimensions.

3) Diffused Lighting

A lot of people find the intensity of bright lights a bit unpleasant and instead decide to utilize diffused lighting in their homes. Crystal chandeliers with up lights are effective in achieving soft illumination. Rather than putting up with the uncomfortable glare, the chandelier light will simply bounce off from the walls or ceilings—depending on where the light gets dispersed—and emanate a warm glow.

The Total Wattage

Traditional crystal chandeliers are usually designed and intended for dining rooms. When shopping for one, try to consider how the lighting will influence the entire dining experience. Chandeliers that give off bright illumination directly onto a person’s face will consequently cast unappealing shadows and produce annoying glare. In the same way, bare light bulbs that shine down from a chandelier that’s been hanged too low can disturbingly warm up the dining area.

To get the best outcome in an average-to-large sized dining room, look for a crystal chandelier with a total wattage of 200 to 400, irrespective of the number of light bulbs it holds. In addition, choose only the appropriate intensity for the bulbs and constantly adhere to the rules of picking out the right crystal chandeliers.

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Crystal Chandeliers

Stare at a Crystal Chandelier’s Glare

We all are aware on what a crystal chandelier gives to our home. It is such a great addition to a home that most people tend to fall in love with it and have it the main attraction of their homes. It is a common knowledge that chandeliers and pendants are decorative fixtures that hang down from the ceiling and provide general or task lighting. They are available in Traditional, Modern, and Contemporary styles and in a range of quality and prices as well. You use these fixtures primarily over tables and counters in dining rooms and kitchens and overhead in foyers and hallways. The most popular trend currently is hanging crystal or modern Chandeliers in bathrooms to create sparkle and romance. General lighting provides all-around illumination that enables you to find your way around, see and socialize with other people, and clean up.

We all are aware on what a crystal chandelier gives to our home. It is such a great addition to a home that most people tend to fall in love with it and have it the main attraction of their homes. It is a common knowledge that chandeliers and pendants are decorative fixtures that hang down from the ceiling and provide general or task lighting. They are available in Traditional, Modern, and Contemporary styles and in a range of quality and prices as well. You use these fixtures primarily over tables and counters in dining rooms and kitchens and overhead in foyers and hallways. The most popular trend currently is hanging crystal or modern Chandeliers in bathrooms to create sparkle and romance. General lighting provides all-around illumination that enables you to find your way around, see and socialize with other people, and clean up.

I know that most of you are aware that chandeliers that sparkle or glitter with crystal or polished metal impart a festive, formal atmosphere to a room, separating it from the everyday and mundane. Crystal chandeliers create focal glow, the warm and inviting light that suggests pleasant intimacy. All chandeliers should be dimmed to create a pleasing ambience and avoid glare. Most dining rooms will require additional lighting for the table setting and people. If the chandelier is bright enough to light the room, it will surely be too glary. Make sure that crystal chandeliers are dimmed to an amount where it will have a good balance on glare and light so that you won’t be blinded with its glare or anything to that extent. It is sure to be the most important thing to have on a home is the balance of the light.

Crystal chandeliers use clear glass with numerous faceted sides to refract light into a shimmering array. Lead crystal cuts and polishes more easily than non-leaded glass, permitting the most precise and clearest facets, for the most pleasing effects. The most lavish crystal chandeliers use hand-cut and polished elements with the highest (30%) lead content. Crystal imparts formality to a dining room or foyer. Both traditional and contemporary designs can use crystal effectively. Crystals are the added plus in elegance, style and functionality; it is known that its glare is the most useful part for a crystal chandelier probably because it dictates the ambiance more than anything. Crystal chandelier not only boast the appearance but the use of it in your room is vital as well, a lot of people fails to see what else a crystal; chandelier can offer to a room, it is not just some décor you have it is a lighting fixture that will be a great addition to a home.

Overall the crystal chandelier have more uses than you originally know it has great amount of help to give you the bonus of knowing your home’s styles. Of course the chandelier has to blend with your home as well; you need to be advised to be vigilant on designing. Décors should come to use as well, don’t let the chandelier on its own otherwise it’ll look like a lone star up there. Crystal chandelier is also known to be the center of attraction to big homes, unless you have a bigger home than usual it is advised that you use an average size chandelier so that you will have a good blending option to your home.

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Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandeliers for All Season

Display lights can give beauty the houses, especially during Christmas you can on the streets how it gives beauty and elegance to the rest of the residence. But of course Christmas lights are seasonal and you can only display these lights every December.

And to continuously provide elegance and beauty in your house even Christmas is over you can use crystal chandelier to give effects in your house. Chandelier don’t need any occasion to start its glow, it is like a star for all season. Its beauty never fades and the brightness that it brings to the house is unrewarding.

But of course for this star to continually shine in your house you should maintain its cleanliness and brightness. Maintaining its beauty is not easy, it needs a lot of effort and time to maintain your crystal chandelier. Because if you did not clean your chandelier, surely there will be a lot of filth it can accumulate in a month or in a year. If you fail to maintain its beauty and cleanliness, then you just waste a lot of money buying the chandelier. Chandelier without being clean would not serve it purpose to provide elegance and beauty to your house.

Cleaning crystal chandelier is very important to maintain its sparkle, cleaning a chandelier need a lot of time and need a lot effort. But to some people quick cleaning would be enough just to get the job done. To clean a chandelier in a right manner you need to dismantle its installation on the ceiling and this can be done if you have someone that can give you a hand to do the job.

Before you starting cleaning, prepare to lay down towels, newspaper or any drop cloth underneath the crystal chandelier. Of course you don’t want to mess up with your floor in cleaning the chandelier. So, you need to prepare things to protect your floor from filth and from becoming dripping wet with water.

If you have a feather duster that has a long handle you can clean your clean your chandelier in a timely manner. And spray a generous amount of a glass cleaner for the crystal. Actually you can soak your chandelier in a cleaning liquid if you like, after soaking it to the cleaning liquid and wait until all the liquid had trickled off. Wait for your chandelier to dry and in a minute it will recover the shine and glitter it had before.

In case you have a broken arm on your crystal chandelier, you need to prepare all the necessary tools in repairing. You need long nose pliers, metal wire, 4×4 in craft foam and glue. Put your chandelier on a stable, flat surface. Make sure to position the broken arm onto the foam block. Make sure that the broken ends meet flawlessly, if not make necessary adjustment.

Though it was so hard to maintain crystal chandelier, the beauty that it gives to the house will worth the time and effort you give to your chandelier.

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Crystal Chandeliers